Our Testimony

Introducing the VLYP touch:

A Revolution in Vaping Innovation, Safety, and Environmental Impact.

In a world where the vaping industry is frequently under scrutiny for its impact on health and the environment, the VLYP touch emerges as a ground-breaking solution. Designed with precision and a deep understanding of user needs, the VLYP touch leverages the latest in vaping technology to offer an unparalleled experience, while addressing the critical issues highlighted by recent negative news across the United Kingdom and Europe. With its innovative design, cutting-edge technology, and commitment to sustainability, the VLYP touch stands as a beacon of responsible vaping.

Innovative Design: Sleek, Sustainable, and Safe.
The VLYP touch boasts a sleek and modern aesthetic, crafted to fit seamlessly into any lifestyle and comfortably in your hand. At its core, it harbours a 600mAh built-in rechargeable battery, promoting an environmentally friendly approach by reducing waste and extending the device's lifespan. This feature alone sets a new standard in the industry, challenging the disposable vape culture and offering a sustainable alternative.
With replaceable coils and the option for both pre-filled and empty refillable pods, the VLYP touch provides flexibility and longevity not seen in disposable devices. The ability to refill pods offers a significant environmental benefit and allows consumers to tailor their nicotine intake, offering a level of customization that addresses a major gap in the current market. Additionally, the device includes a light indicator for battery level and a child lock feature, ensuring both convenience and safety.

Standing Above the Rest: Unrivalled Capacity Within Legal Compliance.
The VLYP touch differentiates itself with a larger container size, accommodating up to 3000 puffs or more. This feature not only caters to consumer preference for longevity but also aligns with the EU's TPD 2 legal frameworks, showcasing the device's unique blend of design and technology. This larger capacity responds to users' desires for a reliable, long-lasting vaping experience without compromising on compliance or environmental responsibility.

Cutting-Edge Technology: Child Safety and User Empowerment.
Child safety is paramount in the design of the VLYP touch. The device's built-in child lock can be easily activated or deactivated, offering peace of mind to users with a simple 5 taps of the charging port. This feature represents the VLYP touch's commitment to safety, ensuring the device remains inaccessible to children and providing an added layer of security in households.

How It Works: Simplicity and Efficiency.
Ease of use is at the forefront of the VLYP touch experience. The coil's magnetic connection allows for effortless replacement, this design choice ensures a hassle-free setup and maintenance process, making vaping more accessible and enjoyable. For optimal performance, we recommend a brief wait time of around 5 minutes for new coils to be "wicked," enhancing the overall vaping experience by preventing coil burn and ensuring flavour integrity.

Key Benefits: Environmental and Economic Savings.
The VLYP touch's design philosophy extends to its economic and environmental impact. By separating the pod and coil components, users will find significant cost savings, as only the necessary parts need replacement. This approach not only benefits the consumer's wallet but also reduces waste, making the VLYP touch a more environmentally friendly option in the vaping market.

User-Friendly Interface and Positive Feedback.
The auto-draw style MTL kit of the VLYP touch ensures ease of use for all users, from beginners to seasoned vapers. Customer testimonials have praised the device for its great flavour, longevity of coils, and the simplicity of replacing and refilling pods, underscoring the VLYP touch's commitment to a superior user experience.

In summary, the VLYP touch is not just a new vaping device; it is a statement against the disposable vape culture, offering a sustainable, safe, and enjoyable vaping experience. By addressing the environmental issues and health concerns associated with disposable vapes, the VLYP touch sets a new standard in the industry, proving that innovation and responsibility can go hand in hand.